Heywyre Enterprises Inc. and ClearOne Badminton Centre have formed a collaborative relationship to bring awareness and increase the popularity of badminton as a sport in North America. Starting with the state of California, the aim is to shed a unique light through digital media and league development. TIB unveils a new and innovative platform featuring principles of badminton on the court, but just as importantly, off the court activities to engage players, viewers and brand partners.

Heywyre Enterprises Inc. is a global cross-platform content provider, digital branding, e-commerce and marketing agency bringing a fresh innovative approach.

ClearOne Badminton Centre is committed to upholding the integrity and visibility of the sport of badminton operating in Canada and the United States.

  • To thrive in sports you need the social, economic and emotional connection for fans
  • Connecting the brand to the story enhances interest and creates engagement
  • The media campaign builds opportunities to connect with our brand partners in a memorable, meaningful way
  • Developing a youth badminton league is a great way to work in conjunction with This Is Badminton to grow a larger following
  • Creating teams competing in a league format is an untapped growth opportunity
  • Players, friends, families and brands will have boarderless and timeless opportunities to connect through this digital platform

Media has the power to change hearts, minds and world views.



For a sports platform to thrive, it needs the social, economic and emotional power of its fans. Connecting the brand to the story enhances interest and creates engagement. This series builds the opportunities to connect with our brand partners in memorable, meaningful way. Establishing relationships with people who have similar interests is critical in creating the movement for TIB. The series transcends our growing fan base from being a viewer into being a part of:

  1. Qualifying – The Run to the Olympics
  2. The Journey – Who You Meet, Where You Travel
  3. The 2020 and the 2024 Olympics
  4. Where Badminton is Going
  5. The Future – Kristen Tsai
  6. Community Participation
  7. Turning Point for Badminton – History leading up to the Olympics
  8. Mental Fitness
  9. Preparing – The Body
  10. Training – The Coach, The Players – The Regime
  11. Financial – What it Takes
  12. Equipment – Gearing Up


TIB brings badminton into the spotlight! Teams competing in a League format is an untapped growth opportunity for the sport of badminton. Initially TIB Leagues will focus on Youth age groups (middle, junior and high schools). This demographic represents the largest currently active participant groups. Parents are continually looking for sports for their children to participate in.

The state of California has a large and growing badminton community, with numerous large clubs in close proximity to each other.

  • Launch in Northern and Southern California, adding value and revenue to the participating clubs.
  • Stimulate the growth of the badminton market by further engaging the current badminton community and, more importantly, providing a fun, exciting, easy to join and well-run sport activity that will encourage a wealth of new participants.
  • Partner benefits from additional membership, coaching (lessons) and spectator revenue and we will create more sales, branding and marketing opportunities for our corporate partners.

TIB provides the rules, regulations and management of League registration, scheduling and promotion. Team sport in the US have shown the capacity to create fierce rivalries, engage spectators & fans, and provide excitement & fun for participants. Focus is on showcasing the players & their clubs; feature innovative engagement with spectators, fans and the general public. Competing teams are in the two regions of California (Northern and Southern) with a season ending finals event between the top 4 teams in the North competing against the top 4 teams in the South.

Change the Narrative.



Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world, just behind soccer. It is also considered the fastest racket sport. Badminton players travel twice the distance than tennis players. Exciting, compelling and engaging!

Badminton is a total body work out. In practice or playing a full match of badminton, you will have been moving for at least 30 minutes and using muscles that you are not always aware of. Moving your body around the court and swinging your racket for the shots; you are exercising almost every muscle in your body.

Badminton originated in India towards the end of the nineteenth century during British colonial rule. The game was played at military bases in Madras, Bombay, Peshawar, Calcutta and Poona. The game was originally called “Poona” in India. The next area of growing popularity was witnessed in the UK and Europe. By 1941, badminton was being played in Asia, Americas, Africa, Australia and Mexico.

2016 the Rio Olympics had a record high viewership topping 191M. Badminton women’s singles final between P.V. Sindhu and Carolina Marin pulled in 17.2mn impressions, making it the highest viewed TV programme on that day. It is the only Olympic sport that features women and men playing against each other on the same court at the same time.

TIB brings badminton into the spotlight!



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